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My work as stone sculptor (since 2006) is based in Göttingen, Germany.

Many years of in-depth work in seminars and workshops on the subject of stone sculpting, art lectures in drawing at the Georg-August University of Göttingen and the collaboration with artists from Madrid, have contributed to aquire my artistry on a theoretical and practical level.

All my sculptures are made of Thüster limestone, a natural resource unique to the area of southern Lower Saxony.

Thüster limestome has its origins over 40 million years ago when sediment consisting of organic detritus was formed on the bottom of the ocean and solidified under pressure in the course of time.

In my sculpting process I work without electric tools, for me this allows a direct and physical confrontation and attunement  with the material itself. During the work process smooth round and flowing shapes that come to expression derive from the suspense between figural and abstract forms, emerging out of the natural shape of the stone.

A natural stone already holds a three dimensional shape. A shape of  beauty that I don`t search for in terms of proportionality but in the harmony of unproportionality.


Unformed finds its form